The Power of Water

Water covers 90% of the earth’s surface, comprises 60% of our body’s composition and we spend the first 9 months of our existence in the womb immersed in it. It is essential for life, healing, energy, renewal and refreshment. In its absence, we cannot exist.

It transforms our lives in many ways. When we feel, see, hear taste and touch it, it feeds our bodies, minds, and souls. It can gently hold and protect, heal and soothe and yet also has the ability to energize, excite and rejuvenate.
Being immersed in it brings relief and healing for exhausted minds and bodies.

Reconsidering the Way we Use and Drink Water

Whilst water is a great and sacred resource, tap water is often full of chlorine and in fact toxic to our bodies. The way in which we prepare and drink our water is critical for its power to be released.

"Have you ever wondered why you still feel thirsty and fatigued even after drinking multiple glasses of water a day?"

Before you pour a glass of water from your tap, the water has been through a treatment process in order to make it safe to drink. Most water filtration systems use chlorine and other chemicals to kill harmful germs. Whilst these treatments make the water safe for drinking, they also destroy the water’s vital life energy and shift its natural pH. The water tastes ‘dead’, it is not easily absorbed by our cells and is unsatisfying, leaving us wanting more. The Coppa bottles and water tanks recharge the vitality of your drinking water by ionizing, energizing, and balancing the pH; making the water ‘live’ again and leaving it tasting silky smooth.

Sadhguru Speaks About Water
In this clip, Sadhguru speaks to the emerging interest from the scientific world in the way in which water changes in relation to its exposures and interactions. Modern companies have developed systems which mimic the behaviour of waterfalls and what results is water that is silky and substantially more effective in agriculture. Sadhguru speaks to the ways we should drink water to ensure that our bodies are experiencing the power of its healing and health potentials.