Ayurveda & Copper

Ayurveda & Copper

Words by Wally Fry

Having been involved with eastern philosophies for many years the one thing that struck me was that so many of the enlightened beings I came into contact with used copper vessels of some kind to store their water. I was then fortunate enough to attend a “truth session” lecture where Ayurveda was discussed.

India has a very long history, going back some 7000 years, and they have known certain things for thousand of years, that our so called modern world is only discovering for the first time now. For example, quantum physics is really just a modern term for old knowledge. The Akashic field is another example of old knowledge that originates from India. Ayurveda and the science of the doshas (the physical existence of human beings or characteristics at a cellular level) is thousands of years old and probably directly derived from the oldest spiritual texts of truth the Vedas. 

It is then surprising to find out that Ayurveda acknowledged the drinking of water stored in a copper vessel as being a great balancer of the three doshas. Simply put, the water structure is changed in a subtle way by the copper to greatly benefit wellbeing. One can Google the modern explanation of why this is true. In addition to keeping your water in a copper vessel, it needs a little time to gain some of the benefits the copper has to offer. 

Whether you buy into it or not, vibration is a thing, and your thoughts towards your water are vitally important, as thoughts are a vibrational energy. This is now a scientific fact that when one directs one’s attention to ones water (in a concentrated and positive way, conveying loving and happy thoughts towards it) the molecular arrangement of the water changes and can greatly enhance its capacity to be really good for you. Just try it yourself, it’s quite a cool thing to do! Just look into your copper bottle at your water and give it cool, positive, healthy, happy, grateful vibes and the water responds. It will taste better, smoother and be healthy to the maximum of its capacity. 

Remember, one’s body is just about 66% to 70% water! You might as well do everything you can to ensure that it’s the best possible water that you can consume. I personally have a stainless steel vessel and the copper one. Depending on what I am doing I will sometimes use the stainless steel vessel which is more hardy but I tend to keep my copper one at home or in the office. 

Lastly, one should never be drinking tap water from a local government treatment plant. While it is hygienic, I would highly recommend researching filtration such as the Australian Zazen filter which holds (in addition to mineralising and filtering), the ph at around 6,8 to 7. Suffice to say you need to be ph neutral at around 7,2 to 7,5 as acidity causes disease in the body. Read about acidosis and alkaline diets to counter its effect...it will change your thinking forever.

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