Coppa Bottles Are Plastic-Free

Coppa Bottles Are Plastic-Free

Many so-called sustainable brands promote a product that is zero-waste and eco-friendly but in terms of their production and shipping process, they ignore the effect their product has on the planet. Coppa strives to do what it can to lessen its impact on the environment through altering certain aspects of production and shipping. We would have liked our bottled to have been produced in South Africa but sadly that is not possible as they are hand made by artisans with very specific skills. It takes 1-2 years to train these artisans how to make our Coppa bottles and they need to use very specialised machinery not available in South Africa. Usually anything being shipped from overseas (India, China etc) is wrapped in plastic. We have no choice but to ship our bottles from their source but we believe the journey the bottles take makes all the difference. 


Have you ever opened a package only to unpack plastic bubble wrap half the volume of the box? Of course, it’s important to keep your bottle safe but Coppa was designed to do this differently. That’s why you’ll find each bottle comes in a natural linen bag. We’ve also done away with the usual plastic labelling by printing the cleaning instructions and logo on the bag itself.

On the Shelf

Once Coppa bottles are on the shelves, they remain in their linen bag and you are able to carry them home using the drawstrings of the bag. Our online orders are sent in reused boxes or the boxes that the bottles are shipped in. Additionally, Coppa labels are recyclable and meant for you to keep as they have a lovely message, as well as information and cleaning instructions on them.

We also make sure to only stock Coppa with other brands or businesses that hold the same values regarding plastic waste. We also love to see you out and about shopping Coppa at natural, holistic and health-oriented markets that strive to go zero waste.

End of Use

Your Coppa bottle is made to last but once the copper starts to patina, it also makes for some beautiful antique décor. Of course, copper is also a natural element and can go back into the earth in time without the damaging effects that plastic has once it breaks down into micro plastics.

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